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Business Email Compromise – BEC

Secure your email system and save your organization with huge financial loss before you are attacked by BEC.

The Challenge

As Businesses open, employees are returning to their office and there is a good chance that their mail or computers has been compromised.

Hackers/Scammers are using e-mail to siphon off large sums of money from organisations by fooling the accounts teams to transfer, what seem to be valid payments, to vendors and as reimbursements to Senior management. The fraud must be investigated and any further data leakage prevented.

The Solution

Our BEC service has been to investigate a severe e-mail fraud! BUT why wait to be swindled?

We will conduct a thorough audit of your current email system. Our report has direct benefits to strengthen the security. We go beyond presenting the sequence and the risk to find vulnerabilities left behind by the hackers. 

We will look at every e-mail account to ascertain the risk they pose to your organisation
Get this done before the next attack and you may save yourself from a disastrous financial loss.

What is Business Email Compromise Scam

Business Email Compromise Matrix3D


data protection

Protection from fraud

Deep state analysis of individual e-mail IDs
allows you to understand risk due to employee exposure

risk level

Reduced impact on Users

Users are provided training  to give confidence and remove stress of accidental faulty transactions

360 email security

360 degrees email security view

Complete review of your email platform, assessment and analysis with clear indicators to protect your users.

legal compliance

Legal compliance

You  would avoid penalties and loss of
reputation associated with data breaches.


Improved visibility to threats and reduced risks

Behavioral based approach and machine learning techniques identify threats than prior solutions. Hence reduces the risk to the organization.

industry best practices

Increase business efficiency

Regular alerts and monitoring prevent the attacks before it attacks the business which decrease business downtime because of threat and increases business efficiency.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will storing spam emails result in a data breach?

How do email hackers typically operate and how can I identify their techniques?

Should I share my email Id during registration on multiple websites ?

Will my email account be active during the audit?

How to backup email to prevent data loss in case of security breach?

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Safe, Compliant, Cost-Saving: Matrix3D conducts assessments and audits of your technology and provides gap reports and compliance assistance. Our mission is to keep your company safe and robust from any technology threat by implementing industry-standard frameworks for Information security and cybersecurity.

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