Are you still have to keep your office computers on even when employees are working from home?

Does your work stop because the server is down?

Does your business get affected when your employees cannot reach office?

Is your accounting and back-office data on your server in office only?

Do you end up spending money of software license and hardware upgrades at the wrong time?

If you answered “YES” to any of the questions, you are at the right place!

Get the competitive edge

virtual-workplace-icon What is Virtual Workplace?

Give your users their own virtual workstation on the Cloud accessible from anywhere, through any device.

  • All applications configured and ready for use with full features.
  • Secure login for each user.
  • The Business has 500GB of Cloud storage included for files and can be increased.
  • Dedicated Virtual Infrastructure, not shared with any other organizations.
  • Identity protection through Two Factor Authentication and Identity theft prevention.
  • Server and data backup.
  • Restore data to previous versions Restrict access by device name.
  • Option to allow access from India only for complete security.

Your staff at home or anywhere!

Our products are closely managed by Certified security auditors to maintain recommended security standards.

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