WiFi Security Audit
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Wi-Fi Security Audit

Our Wi-Fi security audit helps you recognize potential security threats  before they can compromise your internal network and systems.

The Challenge

As organisation adopts Wi-Fi network for laptops/ phones, the passwords and access rights are no longer controlled by physical boundaries. Wi-Fi passwords shared with guests are a big risk as those credentials have moved out of organizational control.

Businesses need to test their Wi-Fi for vulnerabilities and policies beyond performance and encryption.

The Solution

Matrix3D conducts a Wi-Fi Audit that is designed to work differently from conventional audits. It uses concentric rings to check the defenses of your Wireless network and does not cease at only encryption or passwords but goes beyond to account for the network overlap. We audit

  • The policy,
  • The architecture,
  • The configuration and
  • Usage by employees in office and out of office,
    to give you a more holistic report on your Wi-Fi. Another added benefit is that you get a free coverage analysis, and you may even discover rouge AP.


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Reduce Risk

An audit will minimize the risk of hackers
getting access to your company data.


Better Business Standards

Better control of Wi-Fi usage
across the organisation.

360 email security

Share Responsibility

User sensitization and management
sensitization of Wi-Fi Risk.

industry best practices

Improve Performance

Better performance through coverage and
configuration audit report.

Why would my Wifi network need security?

What aspects to consider before setting up WiFi network for my company?

Will my Wifi network be opertaional during the audit process?

Would my phone be compromised if I use public WiFi network?

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Safe, Compliant, Cost-Saving: Matrix3D conducts assessments and audits of your technology and provides gap reports and compliance assistance. Our mission is to keep your company safe and robust from any technology threat by implementing industry-standard frameworks for Information security and cybersecurity.

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