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IT Infrastructure Audits and Assessments – Network Audits

Complete IT Infrastructure Assessment

Our experts run diagnostics on your IT infrastructure Security and scrutinize your IT Security Controls, Policies and requirements.
You get an Security Assessment Report from our Security Compliance Experts that demonstrates the Current State Assessment and future direction of your IT Infrastructure Security investments.
Matrix3D CIIA helps management make decisions that save the company time and money.

IT Infrastructure Audits and Assessments – Network Audits
Challenges faced by organization in terms of data security

The Challenge of IT Infrastructure and Security

Management is often apprehensive as to the actual state of their IT.

As systems evolve, new components are added and some are removed. Breakdowns and inefficiencies happen, wasting time and money.
How can you safeguard yourself against disasters and unexpected expenses? What effect will new technologies have on your present infrastructure?

Solutions of the Challenges faced by Organization in terms of Security

The Solution for IT Infrastructure Audits and Security Controls

Matrix3D offers a Complete IT Information Security Analysis, Compliance and Audit Report with a comprehensive gaps analysis that provide you with key insights to the technology risk to your business.

Our Expert 4-Step Process:

  1. Run a diagnostic of your core IT Infrastructure Systems.
  2. Discuss with your teams how they use technology and what are the current problems.
  3. We run tests to check the security controls and your readiness for a disaster.
  4. You get a comprehensive gap report with sensible recommendations on how to rectify them.



Costs and Scalability

Understanding the cost of technology
and planning for obsolescence


Data and Cyber Security

Your data footprint and how it is protected,
from attacks during outage and in crisis


Performance and Robustness

Fit, performance and stability benchmarked
against industry standards


Collaboration and Communications

Using collaborative technologies to ensure continuity, even when working remotely

Contracts and Compliance

Bringing in better governance through technology, without sacrificing on established practice

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Safe, Compliant, Cost-Saving: Matrix3D conducts assessments and audits of your technology and provides gap reports and compliance assistance. Our mission is to keep your company safe and robust from any technology threat by implementing industry-standard frameworks for Information security and cybersecurity.

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