Security Awareness Training Program

Matrix3D’s Security Awareness Training Program (SATP) allows your teams to spot fake e-mails,
avoid risk online and minimize the risk of fraud because of oversight and ignorance.

The Challenge

Criminals want to target your company to steal or damage your intellectual property and confidential/sensitive company data. An oversight in your team may lead to a breach in contracts and attract heavy penalties, causing financial and reputation loss.

The Solution

Matrix3D offers training programs that make sure everyone in your company shares security responsibilities. Training helps employees keep up to date and understand how to recognize and mitigate a cyber-threat. By ensuring that employees can identify and eliminate cyber-threats, you are strengthening the most vulnerable link in the chain. Two of our popular programs include:

General SATP: An awareness session that is specific to organizational and departmental (operational) risk through cyber-threat and other fraud.

Special SATP: Aligning your team to better understand operational and technical compliance – including IT, IS policies and NDAs that are currently in effect.

Topics we cover with our Security Awareness Training Program:


  • Different forms of cyber security threats
  • Importance of password maintenance and security
  • Understanding and addressing e-mail threats and security
  • Explaining and improving your IT and IS policies

Topics we cover with our Security Awareness Training Program

Different Forms of Cyber Security Threats

Importance of password maintenance and security

Understanding and Addressing Email Threats and Security

Explaining and Improving your IT and IS Policies

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Safe, Compliant, Cost-Saving: Matrix3D conducts assessments and audits of your technology and provides gap reports and compliance assistance. Our mission is to keep your company safe and robust from any technology threat by implementing industry-standard frameworks for Information security and cybersecurity.

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