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Microsoft defender for Business

Even the smallest business can be a target for a cybersecurity attack. Get enterprise-grade endpoint protection that’s cost-effective and easy to use—and designed especially for businesses with up to 300 employees—with Microsoft Defender for Business.

The Challenge

As cybersecurity threats increase, you need to protect your business. Disparate, siloed security tools that don’t give your defenders a complete picture of an attack and require manual work to correlate alerts in separate systems are a hindrance to timely defense.

The Solution

Microsoft Defender for Business is a new endpoint security solution for small and mid-sized businesses (max. 300 users). This new endpoint security solution protects from ransomware, malware, phishing and other online threats.

Simplified deployment and management for IT administrators who may not have the expertise to address today’s evolving threat landscape.

Next-generation antivirus protection and endpoint detection and response to detect and respond to sophisticated attacks with behavioral monitoring.

Threat and vulnerability management proactively alerts users to weaknesses and misconfigurations in software.


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Threat and Vulnerability Management

is like a proactive police/crime assessment – looking at your doors and windows for potential weaknesses. It’s a risk prevention approach to vulnerability management that reduces threats before they grow into serious problems.


Endpoint Detection and Response

is like a security camera system, helping you see and record an intruder in the building. Defender’s advanced tools then sets off the alarms, allowing you to respond directly to the problem, device, or file.

data protection

Next Generation Protection

Acts as the lock for your front door. It helps to stop the things you don’t want to enter, from file-based and fileless malware, to spyware.



Attack surface reduction

Works by making sure the windows are locked, and only the right people have keys to the front door. This helps minimise risk by reducing the attack surfaces open across your devices.

improved operation control

Auto Investigation and Remediation

is like your smart alarm system, calling the authorities and taking the intruder away. Defender for Business automatically investigates alerts and helps remediate complex threats, acting as your personal security analyst, working 24/7 to protect your business.

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