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With our corporate audits, you can keep your information, data, and intellectual property safe.

From our intent to help companies in this new decade with digital transformation and take advantage of technology to improve business operations, we always aim to create value with our clients. We leverage our core expertise in IT infrastructure to ensure you that we build solutions with a foundation for improvement.

We have a unique approach that is structured through assessments and an unbiased view of the client’s IT infrastructure based on their business goals and needs. With two clear approaches to enabling businesses, we work with a diagnostic and evidence-based approach and align it with client priorities.

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With the industry’s need to make data available at any time and from any location, we use Microsoft Cloud solutions to provide them with a robust yet scalable platform for building, maintaining, and securing their IT infrastructure. With our corporate audits, you can keep your information, data, and intellectual property safe.

WiFi Security Audit

Matrix3D provides services that understand a business’s needs in order to create a security plan, document it, implement it, and gets them certified from beginning to end. We assist clients in documenting, executing, and obtaining certification for their global and contractual information security compliance from start to finish.

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As we manage our clients as their trusted partners, we have added services that help our clients have a single point of responsibility. from IT infrastructure to managed services. These services protect you from threats, interfere with your systems, and provide centralised management of your business.

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We align your IT to your business goals

Assessment and Compliance

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We protect your digital assets

IT Security Services

Network Security Audit| VAPT| Web Security|Wi-Fi Audit

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We save you cost with Cloud

Cloud Transformation

M365 Managed Services |Microsoft365 Security and Compliance AssessmentM365 Subscriptions

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Virtual Workplace: 2-Days Implementation

Virtualize your Infra to run desktop and servers on the Cloud. Run legacy client-server apps at low cost, with local printing, USB access, and complete security. An end-to-end solution that provides the client to move their complete IT infrastructure to the cloud, which is fully managed, always up to date, rich Windows users experience and security.

It provides a virtual office experience without investment in physical IT infrastructure and work from any device, anywhere, with the same desktop experience and enables you with a complete secure Work from Home solution. You have complete control of your data and security. It is an easily scalable model with no capital investments.

Either you want to have completely new infrastructure on the cloud or enable your business to work from anywhere in such a pandemic situation or you are at the stage of upgrading your current infrastructure, you are looking for a Hybrid workplace,
Virtual Workplace will help you in all the scenarios. In the process, it creates new opportunities for innovation, productivity, and cost savings.

What is new about the workplace of the future is that it is mobile, social, and visual — and it can be delivered virtually to every end-user (even those without a PC). It is a comprehensive solution, that includes planning, product, implementation, and training. It is a best practice implementation of complete virtual office experience on Microsoft platform with enterprise security along with storage and permission.

Tally on Azure: 1-Day Implementation

Access Tally Accounting and other legacy apps from anywhere, anytime and on any device without investing in an on-premise and always-on server.

Tally on Azure is a service that has been carefully designed to enable businesses to take control of their accounts from any device, with the added security provided by Azure. Accounts and books are critical to your business and should be easily accessible while running completely secure to avoid any cyber risks. 

Tally is always accessible from anywhere, as it is hosted on Azure and runs on premium Microsoft Azure infrastructure. All you need is an internet-connected device. The solution connects you to your Tally on cloud account with a single click on your desktop icon. The users will be unaware that Tally is being used in the cloud. 

With Tally on Azure, you can save money by only paying for what you use. Pay as you go billing enables you to pay only for the time spent on your Tally servers. A highly secure infrastructure that enables effortless resource scaling. Add additional users in a matter of minutes as your business grows. 

Our clients love what we do

Uni-Design Logo

Anita K (Manager IT | Uni Design Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.)

We are extremely happy and satisfied with MATRIX 3D for their professional service for our ISO 27001 certification. 

We finished our project in time and cleared audit in the 1st audit without any major nonconformity.

The project was concluded really smoothly, and we are now ISO 27001 certified for IT. 

Intech Systems Logo

Anuja Parikh (CEO | Intech Systems)

We enjoyed working with the matrix3d team. They were knowledgeable and expert auditors. The inputs and feedback given were explained to us in detailed.

We even got guidance on how to resolve small vulnerabilities during the audit and the solutions given were valuable. Its been a pleasure working with them and we highly recommend them!

Your Story Logo

Naini Abbas (Head - Business Enterprise Accounts | YourStory Media Private Limited)

Thank you for all your support on our ISO Certification, it was under your guidance and due diligence that we have been able to achieve this in such a short time.
Throughout the process the support that you have shown was exemplary and it was great to work with Matrix3D.

Pikateck Services Logo

Zubin Aibara (Partner - CEO | Pikateck Services LLP)

I wanted to take this moment to thank you for the quality service you have provided to Pikateck on behalf of Matrix3D. Your assistance in guiding us through the audit process from singling out each process, nitty gritty, documents and the plans is invaluable. 
We appreciate your availability to handle challenges and the excellent work proficiency you have demonstrated while working with us. Thank you and it’s a pleasure to work with you and your team. 
Uni-Design Jewellery Logo

Vijayanand Aroor (COO | Uni Design Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.)

Team Matrix3D have shown very high level of dedication, discipline and methodological approach throughout the project.
They have partnered extremely well with our internal IT team and provided us with a list of improvements needed to strengthen the backbone of our Information Technology.

Gray Matter Logo

Anupam Dasgupta (VP - Strategy, GrayMatter Software Services)

Found Matrix3D team to be very knowledgeable and dilligent in their work. Their analysis is thorough and findings tangible and meaningful.
Alok Nanda & Company Logo

Alok Nanda (Founder and CEO, Alok Nanda & Company)

Matrix3D has been a true partner to ANC.
From offering complete IT solutions for our growing needs to supplying specially designed high-performance computers – they have been with us every step of the way.

Quantum Solutions Logo

Madhav Srinivasan (Partner, Quantum Consumer Solutions)

Working with Matrix 3D has been a hugely rewarding experience. Parvez, Nazmeen and the entire team brought refreshing perspective and energy to our business transformation journey. They’ve been committed co-owners of our business transformation rather than simply IT service providers. They bring a strong future focus while tirelessly handling all the moving parts as well. Certainly, one of our most treasured partnerships.

Architect Reza Kabul Logo

Architect Reza Kabul (Founder, Architect Reza Kabul)

For our Digital initiative we were looking for a partner whose advice we could depend on. The Matrix3D team have helped us with the challenges in our IT setup and quickly provided us with the gap analysis and insights through the IT Infrastructure Assessment Report.

We found the recommendations helpful in achieving compliance and making our IT robust. We have then engaged them with Cloud solutions bringing down our IT Asset costs and now is our trusted partner for all technology needs.

Talati and Panthaky Logo

Talati and Panthaky Associated Designers LLP

TPA has had a relationship with Matrix3D for almost a decade now. When they first came to us our entire IT situation was in shambles but over time and lots of care and effort we built a robust and strong IT department that supports 220 computers with all the infrastructure, security and constant growth that is required.

We are now more like partners and work together making our company constantly innovate and be up to date with all the latest technology and ideas. Thank you Matrix3D! 

Kesari Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Shailesh Patil (MD, Kesari Tours Pvt Ltd)

Working with Matrix 3D means working with WORLD CLASS COMPANY. Parvez and Nazmeen have one of the Best teams in IT Industry for everything we need. Like support or for Know how or revamp of entire IT Infrastructure. Smallest of smallest nitty-gritty to the mammoth task of Pan Indian Kesari Networking Solutions and Integration.

Parvez and team were most helpful and reliable. Matrix 3D has helped us in putting all our Software Licensing in perfect order and avoid unnecessary software buying. It helped Kesari India save lots of money and management headache. Thanks to Matrix 3D

HD Fire Protect Logo

Miheer Ghotikar (Director, HD Fire Protect Pvt. Ltd.)

Matrix 3D helped us secure our company network and software systems. Their assessment was in-depth and comprehensive. We were quite impressed with their thorough presentation. They gave us good solutions and helped us in plug our network security risks.

Nazmeen and her team are very professional and we would recommend their services.

Falcon Disaste Recovery Logo

Jehangir Panthaki (Founder and CEO, Falcon Disaster Recovery)

Matrix3D completed the Data Center Design and execution within our time and budget goals.
It was very Convenient to have a single point of contact and ownership.


Sameer Parikh (Director, ANPG)

Matrix3D executed process analysis of HR systems and helped in streamlining and implementing automation of the payroll, legal, licenses and other manual system which helped in increasing efficiency and better tracking.

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Our mission is to work with you to harness the potential of your data through the adoption of Cloud and achieve industry standard compliance for data protection and cybersecurity.

Matrix3D IT assessments and audits reduce your business risk for a smarter, more cost-effective IT infrastructure.

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