Website Security Audit

Website Security Audit

Our Website Security audit helps you protect your website from being hacked and misused.

The Challenge

The Security of your website and public facing assets are a tough challenge.  With dependence on hosting providers, web site designers and application developers it becomes difficult to keep up to the new threats that are constantly evolving.

Even small organizations are not safe from bots that harvest the servers for proxies and fronts for many malicious activities.  You need a complete yet easy to understand diagnostic report to take action.

The Solution

Matrix3D WSA is a combination of multiple tests and checks done to find vulnerabilities in your web assets for existing or potential weaknesses that hackers can exploit.

The Audits scope covers website core software to extensions, themes, server settings, SSL connection and any pages that provide login credentials.

Our service checks through the latest tools and comparing your website with newer threat databases to give you an up-to-date report.

Our IT consultants review the report with the IT security team to give you a clear idea on the threat that may rise out of policies and misconfiguration and not just exploits.


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Reputation Improved

Your website needs to be on always
to keep your image from being damaged.


Improved Compliance

Clients need to be sure that you are secure before entering into any contracts.

360 email security

Conversion Rates and SEO

Better website protection leads to
better ranking in search engines.

industry best practices

Better Protection

An audit will minimize the risk of hackers getting access to your company data.

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Safe, Compliant, Cost-Saving: Matrix3D conducts assessments and audits of your technology and provides gap reports and compliance assistance. Our mission is to keep your company safe and robust from any technology threat by implementing industry-standard frameworks for Information security and cybersecurity.

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