Our IT Re-engineering helped a leading NGO Foundation to make a positive impact in a society without any Technical Challenges

The Challenge

The NGO wanted to create an IT Infrastructure baseline, that is easy to maintain and scalable to meet the future needs.
The objective was also to address the threat of Ransomware and malicious attacks in the organization and the information system which they were serious about protecting.
Backup systems, user control and compliance were the other important areas which they wanted to improve.

The Solution

  • The network cabling was rectified and racks were redressed using structured cabling standards to reduce breakdowns.
    • Security and network performance is improved
    • Network failure can be easily detected and controlled
  • The Network was optimized to have a more secure and partitioned access system.
  • Restructured Wi-Fi network to be more secure and suit physical location and business requirements.
  • Desktops were reengineered and patched for speed, security, and stability.
    • Application opening and working response time is enhanced
    • Antivirus is centrally controlled and updated to have a proactive escalation matrix.
  • A systematic inventory of software licenses was created to identify what could be reused or retired Licenses were mapped based on requirement and utility
    • Desktops are software license compliant
    • Further investments in Application will be drastically reduced.
  • Servers were reconfigured for central management, policy enforcement, security and patch management.
    • Access to data is through a secure authentication Server system.
  • Data Backup Systems are Implemented locally as well as on the cloud.
    • Application failures due to data loss or any other error can now be recovered through the backup
    • Even during a disaster where site and server are inaccessible, user data can be recovered from offsite through backup on the cloud
  • A Firewall was reengineered to improve IT security and Internet services stability.
  • A Firewall was reconfigured based on organizational structure.
    • Internet bandwidth is monitored and maintained
    • Single sign-on for user to access data on the server and internet

Enhanced System Performance

Inventory and Incident Management

Streamline Applications

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