Concerned About Your Privacy? Want to Know How to Delete Google Location History?

Using Google services is a part of life in today’s tech age. However, you want to protect your privacy as much as possible. Google offers most of its services for free by collecting your data, including your Google location history. Some people do not like this idea and want to keep their privacy in check by automating their option to delete Google location history and activity data.

More than that, many do not want their logs to be saved on Google and would like to remove all traces of their online presence with Google. So here is the exact step by step guide to Automatically Delete Google Location History and Activity Data. 

1. Login to your Gmail address and visit and click on Activity Controls on the right-side bar. auto delete google location activity - activity control

2. Inside the Activity controls page, you get options to opt-out of Chrome activity history for site, apps and devices you have logged in that Gmail ID on. Next you need to click Manage Activity option. manage activity google location

3. On Web and App Activity page you can select the Choose to Delete Automatically option. choose to delete automatically Google location history

4. Next you will get a pop-up where you can decide when you want your activity to be deleted you can select amongst the 3 options provided and click next. auto delete google location activity

5. Once you reach the preference saved page you have completed the steps properly. preference saved location activity

Additional Tips 

This is a helpful tool and does give peace of mind to some users.  

But one thing which has become the norm now-a-days is even though your location and activity is deleted from the activity control center there might be a backup of that on a server somewhere or under some guidelines the data is stored on backup servers etc.  

We have one special request for all our users which will help you and people you know to improve privacy and security. Make sure you use a 12+ length password which follows the uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character pattern and enable twofactor authentication for every app you think needs an extra layer of security. 

What is our take on Automatically Deleting Google Location History and Activity Data? 

  • Keep it to the minimum of 3 months if you want the best option for your data privacy, else choose as per your requirements. 
  • We strongly believe you should pause your audio tracking unless you heavily use voice search there is no point keeping it on and sharing excess data. 
  • Switch to a privacy-based browser if you don’t want any form of tracking to happen on your activities. 
  • Sharing your data improves your search results and helps you find restaurants and other locations but also helps advertisers reach you with their ads depending on what search/activity/location data they have been provided. 

We at Matrix3D, a cyber security firm strongly believe in securing data and avoiding any data privacy issues. For further details feel free to contact us at 

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