In the current scenario we all have discovered the convenience of Group video and audio calls and it’s importance to work. Most of work that needs communication and collaboration, which is done through online meetings. Microsoft Teams makes it easy to set up these meetings, whether you need to meet many or have a 1-on-1 call.

So where can you set up a Microsoft Teams meeting?

Meetings can be set up in Microsoft Teams app or Outlook, the meeting will be seen the same way within the system. Today we will explain the steps to set up a Microsoft meeting using Microsoft Teams web or application interface.

To schedule a meeting directly in Microsoft Teams:

1. From Teams, click on the “Calendar” to set up microsoft teams meeting

2. On the right side click on “New Meeting”how to set up microsoft teams meeting

3. In the new meeting tab fill, all the required details and save
(You can also choose to schedule the meeting)

4. Now you have set up a Microsoft Teams Meeting.

You can be on the receiving end of a Microsoft Teams meeting request and below is

How to connect/join a Teams Meeting

1. Click on your “Calendar” tabhow to set up microsoft teams meeting

2. You will see your meeting under the day and exact time of the meeting scheduled (Click the “JOIN” button to enter the meeting)

3. After the previous step you will be taken to the settings before entering the meeting here you can choose your audio/video options before joining the meeting. Once you finalize your settings you can click on JOIN NOW.

4. Below are the functions you are presented with when you join a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Additional Facts

There are specific requirements for some forms of collaboration like bandwidth planning may be necessary to get the most out to team communications, as traffic may need to be send from user to user.

Many of these additional considerations can be helped by having a technical partner. Microsoft partner can help an organization set up their Microsoft Teams installation with the features that they need, in addition to training employees on using Microsoft Teams and its functions.

Microsoft collaboration tools are a robust and versatile way to manage your meetings and communications across multiple groups and individual employees. For more information about the advantages and scalability of Microsoft teams feel free to contact us

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