Have you been a victim of a fraudulent scam? How would you protect yourself?

Fraudulent cases, including scams like fraudulent scams, are increasing day by day, and people are losing money due to these deceitful schemes. Even with many warnings and awareness campaigns, gullible users still end up falling prey to various online frauds.

In this article, we would like to share a recent fraudulent scam case.

A Mumbai-based woman lost Rs. 44,000 on a Zomato transaction of Rs. 359. Here, we will see how this woman missed various alarms and became the victim of the fraudulent scam. We will share with you how to remain alert and protect your money.

The woman ordered a burger on the Zomato App and paid Rs 359 from her bank account. When the order did not arrive on time, she inquired with the restaurant’s in her area and was told that the order was never received. She was asked to contact Zomato’s customer delivery service and found the number through Google search.

“A person named Deepak Sharma answered and said the money could not be credited to her account due to a technical glitch and bank strike. He then sent her a link on message and asked her to open it. However, the link did not work and the caller asked her to forward it back to him,”.

fraudulent scam

What went wrong in this case? 

Lesson One: 

Online apps have their customer service available in their app itself. DO NOT GOOGLE SEARCH to get the customer care No.

Lesson Two: 

Be sure on what to trust when you search for the information on the Internet. Falsifying information to fool consumers is common and easy to do.

Lesson Three:

Never click on the link provided by any tele caller, even if it’s a SMS and especially when it is a bank transaction.

Lesson Four: 

She may have shared important information to the fraudster like bank details and key fields for them to withdraw money.

Never ever share any personal details and specially if they are OTP’s and personal details with a tele caller.

Lesson Five: 

The first 5000/- transaction was the high alert for the women, she should have immediately blocked the transaction instead of calling the same no. again.

Keep a close watch on your transaction SMS and take them seriously and not as a joke. Most banks now offer to block a transaction once they inform you. Do not take chances and ensure you change all your bank passwords and hint questions in case you have ever shared them with a tele caller.

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