There are several challenges related to IT infrastructure management that users face during daytoday operations of the business. The main challenges are regarding computing platforms, data acquisition, compute provisioning and management, data storage architectures, data analytics, and networks and communication.  Sometimes people ignore these issues without realizing how much time they are wasting because this small problems in their IT. 

Here are the 6 main mistakes why you are facing those IT Infrastructure management challenges

IT Infrastructure management mistakes to avoid

Unstructured Networks

The Network Infrastructure is the foundation of the IT systemsFor any organization to work efficiently, it is important that there is a good and reliable network in place. Though designed with best intentions and components, it is the most ignored component of the IT ecosystem. At most sites it is seen that as time passes, ad-hoc changes are made. Equipment and cables are added. Documentation is not updated and over a period with changes even in the maintenance team, the stable network becomes the weakest link.  

Another major bottleneck is introduction of low-speed switches cascaded into high-speed switches. This effectively brings down the speed of operations of the entire organisation. This will affect the user’s productivity and directly affects the business operations of the company.

Low Systems Configuration

The major challenge in growing processing power of computers has been the lack of energy and space to power supercomputers, one of the biggest mistakes of IT Infrastructure management. Now a dayyou need to process data as quick as possible. For quick processing, you required industry systems.

If you have low configuration systems and you want to process your data quickly, it will not process your data on time. Also, users are struggling to complete their work on time which directly impacts the organizations growth.

Low Data Storage and Availability

Cloud storage has taken over in most of the cases in the modern world. Though it is a cost-effective and scalable alternative for data storage for a Company, it does not provide the required data storage architectures which can accommodate a variety of applications. Also, it’s easy to access from anywhere. 

If the company have not proper data storage or all the users are store the data on local systemsThen the data storage and availability on time will minimize company growth.

Access rights to company data

The Data Access Rights and Protection are the part of Information Management. The Information Management System should be maintained by the Information Manager. All the Information Access Rights should be based on the roles of individual in their respective departments of the company. Data protection or backup is the most valuable area of Information Management. 

If the company does not have proper Information Management System, they may end up losing data and are vulnerable to the misuse of data, which may have legal and financial consequences. 

Lack of Dedicated Internet Connectivity 

Now a days Internet Connectivity is the most common things for any company to going their business. Company needs to connect the branch company and users need to access their information through Internet. Also, many Application are cloud based. If the Internet connectivity is strong and secure, then the company should be escalating their business to one step future otherwise the company will suffer from the Internet connectivity which would create major causes to grow the company business. 

Not Reliable and Secure Email System

Email is the most ubiquitous method of communication on the Internet, may be even on the planet. If the company does not have a Reliable and Secure email system, the company would suffer from many problems like; delay in sending and receiving of Emails, Email loss, Email Spamming which stop the company to growth.  

IT Infrastructure Assessment is a best way to analyse the limitations of your current IT Infrastructure with recommendations to align your infrastructure with your business needs.
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